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I have been the resident artist at Hotel Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany for a number of years in the past.


Lifecasts and Portrait Sculputures.
Lifecasting is the creative process of producing three-dimension replicas of a human body. 

This covers all parts of the body and allows the sitter to decide which parts of the body they wish to have cast. As a result they can select the position and stance as well as the material and finish required. 

Casts can also be taken of objects or other sculptures. 

I work with alginate, concrete and metal so you can determine what’s best for you personally or, for your organisation or company.
Portrait Sculpture
Portrait Sculpture is best described as the creation of portrait and figurative sculpture, generally in terracota. It is the art of three-dimensional and bas-relief portraiture.

The sculpture can be of the head only or the head and neck and/or shoulders.

My own Lifecasting work is also available for purchase by contacting me direct on the email address above or by telephone.

My Sculpture Work
My work attempts to capture the essence of a person by amalgamating their physical structure with something of their uniqueness; almost a touch of their personality. In this sense the sculpture becomes “alive” and immediately tell’s you something about the person who is represented. It becomes more than just a piece of clay art. 

Achieving this balance is the “art” of what I do. This can be achieved by a facial expression or just a simple “look” that tells you who it is. 

I work on a commission basis for portrait sculpture